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On April 17 the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome will inaugurate “Cave of Tales“, a room created by street artist and illustrator Alice Pasquini for the first year anniversary of the -1 Gallery. Alice’s work, which recalls a prehistoric grotto from the third century, makes its appearance in the “underground” at the Casa dell’Architettura, which is housed in the former Rome aquarium. The space was previously painted by artists Lucamaleonte, Diamond, Omino71, and Mr. Klevra.
Starting from a black background that was used to cover the irreverent pop-art “end of the world” represented in the previous wunderkammer, the Alice’s painting immerses us (almost submerging us like goldfish) in a city nightscape that is both maze and narrative. A narrative that unfurls like a movie that has already begun, and that only at first glance can be confused with the world outside. A journey into the underground – a passage in the depths of the innocuous, which belongs to the artist, but that somehow the visitor, like deja vu, seems to recognize. A silent room (the walls have ears, mouths), but where one gets the impression that by moving closer to the walls you might hear whispered stories of the characters that crowd behind the glass of this upside down.
“Working on the floor below the aquarium made me immediately think of a dive – says Alice. I let myself be inspired by the times when I paint during the night and I imagined a city submerged in sleep. The story flows along the walls. Sleep does not come, thoughts crowd into the blue room, and become shadows hovering all around me. The city takes shape in the dark, the ceiling is pierced by small stars swirl circularly. I would like to hold on to one of them and let it carry me, but they continue to slip away like fish. Car slide on wet street and reflections reveal a face in silence. Over a roof I look at the edge of town and at my future. Suddenly I feel dizzy.”
-1 Gallery / Casa dell’Architettura
piazza manfredo fanti 47
00185 rome

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