Group Exhibition: AKA, It Isn’t Just a Man’s Game

 In Eventi,

Often aliases, like art, indicate no gender. Gender, after all, has never been a big issue when it comes to art. But what happens when art gets selected for display? Or when it comes to street art?
Often illegal and interlaced with high-risk activities to produce it, street art still conveys a strong stereotypical male image. And even the most popular street artist, whose identity is still mysterious, has driven home the narrative that street art requires an all-boys club education.
Some artists will agree, some others will not. In some countries certainly being a street artist is a tough game, we all know this. However, when it comes to Western countries, what really matters is recognition.
It is 2017, certainly, it took some time, but that time has now come: street art, like every form of art, is no longer a man’s game!
With A.K.A: IT ISN’T JUST A MAN’S GAME! We want to scratch the surface, rebalance the ‘inequalities’ and celebrate the work of some of the great women artists we had the pleasure to work with over the years. We hope you will see them as Artist and not just as ‘women artist’, and love their work as much as we do.

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