Singapore Mural in Lianhe Zaobao Newspaper

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My mural completed during a workshop with students from the LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Singapore was featured in Lianhe Zaobao newspaper, Singapore’s largest Chinese-language newspaper.  See original article online and an English translation below.
Italian artist “openly” graffitis at LASALLE College of the Arts
In her first visit to Singapore, Italian artist Alice Pasquini collaborated with students from LASALLE College of the Arts to showcase “graffiti” artwork at the College’s new campus.
Alice, who graduated from art college in Rome, has created designs for world class brands. Her work is influenced by the 90s hip-hop movement and can be seen in over twenty countries worldwide. She will visit Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries next.

While in Singapore, over the past week, she and students from LASALLE spent three and a half days “spraying” a piece of graffiti artwork on a blank white wall, inspired by the sea.
Those who are interested in viewing Alice’s graffiti artwork can visit LASALLE College of the Arts at No. 9 Winstedt Road.

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